we get fin for our first overnight tomorrow

i’m super, duper excited! but also really, really nervous. he’s a sweet, very smart, very adorable puppy.  and i want to make sure we do the best we can for him and his training.

it’s definitely going to be a change, though.  fin already topped 50+ lbs. last week, and he’s still just a baby.

a BIG baby!

anyway, be prepared for some fin photos in the coming days. fingers-crossed for the weekend!

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Featured Corgi Fridays!

the internet is FULL of a gaggle of fellow corgs, almost too many to keep up with. (though, how does Machete feel about too many corgis? click here.

here are a few of Machete’s favorites on this fine friday (in no particular order):

and that’s about it for friday’s featured corgis. keep on corgin’ on! (see every friday’s featured corgis here)

These corgs officially approved by:

Bark on, pups!

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